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‘Islamic State’ (IS) fighters evacuate as battle for Raqqa nears end

News A US-backed alliance of militias said “Islamic State” (IS) fighters have evacuated the city of Raqqa under an agreement to release captive civilians. US-backed forces have almost completely captured Raqqa. The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of ...

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Islamic Council of Victoria: too many studies into terrorism, radicalisation negatively affecting Muslims

THE state’s peak Islamic body wants a say in how universities research Muslim issues amid claims there is too much focus on terrorism and youth radicalisation. A report by the the Islamic Council of Victoria said that Muslim research was ...

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Muslim Refugees to US Outnumbered by Christians in Last 15 Years

Muslim refugees to the United States, whose numbers have recently increased, have still been far outpaced by Christians refugees over the last decade and a half. As the Trump administration continues to enforce a travel ban affecting six Muslim-majority and other countries, ...

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Birmingham Islamic faith school guilty of sex discrimination

An Islamic faith school’s policy of segregating boys and girls is unlawful sex discrimination, a court has ruled. The case was heard at the Court of Appeal as Ofsted challenged a High Court ruling clearing the Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham ...

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ISIS Calls for Attacks on Hurricane Relief Shelters

The Islamic State is reportedly asking its U.S. “warriors” to make attacks on hurricane relief enters in Houston and Miami. According to a confidential document from the Department of Homeland Security’s southeast bureau, ISIS is using social media to call ...

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What is indiscipline doing in a 21st century religious country like Ghana?

Indiscipline? Consider: yesterday at a church programme to honour fathers, it was announced that Sobolo was ready to drink after everyone had feted on delicious and healthy local foods and fruits. A queue was promptly formed at the dispenser of ...

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Beware of religious extremists – Akufo-Addo advises Muslims

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has urged Ghanaian Muslims to stay away from persons who disguise themselves with religion to perpetuate acts of extremism. “I believe that inasmuch as religion is functional and helps us to cope with the ...

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Who supports same-sex marriage in Australia? And who doesn’t?

Ahead of the postal survey on same-sex marriage, much is being written about the relative chances of a Yes or No outcome, and the strategies both sides need to influence public opinion. However, the bulk of the public debate seems ...

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